Roberta R. Chavez was elected in 2010 and will serve through December 31, 2014. She was appointed Chief Deputy Assessor in 2006-2010.


The Guadalupe County Assessor is responsible for valuing all real and personal property for the taxing authorities in the county, such as municipalities, school districts and hospital districts. The assessor also grants certain property-tax exemptions allowable by NM state law.


The Assessor manages a professional, courteous staff who provide the residents and businesses of Guadalupe County with the following services:

  • Find, list and value residential, commercial, vacant and business personal property for Ad Valorem tax purposes
  • Notify property owners of their assessed property values
  • Prepare the county property real-property and personal-property tax rolls for the Guadalupe County Treasurer

Ensuring these activities are both accurate and timely results in:

  • Fair and equitable assessment for real and personal property at a reasonable cost
  • A well-maintained, current tax base upon which local government can base tax levies


County Assessors shall determine values of property for property taxation purposes in accordance with the Property Tax Code [Chapter 7, Article 35 to 38 NMSA1978], the articles of the New Mexico Constitution and the regulations, orders, rulings and instructions of the department. They shall also implement a program of updating property values so that current and correct values of property are maintained and shall have sole responsibility and authority at the County level for property valuation maintenance, subject only to the general supervisory powers of the director.